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The Cannabis Revolution

In August of 2011, we began our journey as the first commercial cannabis production company the state had ever seen. From inception, our goal has been to present the plant in the most beautiful way possible; to search far and wide for the best varieties; to cultivate them in an environmentally responsible way; to test, breed, and develop varieties in search of different specific applications; to be a positive participant in the communities we operate and provide a new message for cannabis. The culmination of these convictions is laid out below in our brand tenets.

First Tenet
Tenet No 1


The first step to cultivating quality cannabis is the environment. Our flagship Seattle facility was Washington’s first-ever permitted cannabis production facility. Indoor cannabis production offers high quality, but we quickly realized it was coming at a cost. Did you know that indoor cannabis production accounts for roughly 1% of the electricity use nation wide?

At Solstice, we let that statistic light a fire as we push to move from lamp-grown to sun-grown. While maintaining our first facility as our quality standard, we’ve worked hard to partner with some of the most talented farmers in Washington. The result: high quality cannabis with a much lower impact. While we transition our indoor facility into our breeding lab of the future, we’ll move our own small batch production into greenhouses

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Tenet No 2


Our cannabis ranges from local heirlooms to legendary varieties. Since we began, we’ve cultivated hundreds of cannabis varieties and developed one of the most robust genetic libraries anywhere in the world. In our selection process, we evaluate factors such as flower formation, aroma, flavor, potency, terpenes and growth patterns, and then work in house to breed and develop the most unique and enjoyable combinations.

As the stigma of marijuana fades away, we can begin to communicate our romance with the diversity that cannabis offers. In 2015 we brought three in-house genetics to market and as we head into the next chapter we’ll continue to look internally and externally for the best this plant has to offer.

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Tenet No 3


Each variety of cannabis grows best under specific environmental conditions. At Solstice, we begin by cultivating each strain in a separate, closed environment to understand it’s unique characteristics and optimize growth techniques. From there, we work to hone in a nutrient formula and environment that will optimize the variety using organic methodology and CO2 recaptured from the atmosphere to stimulate photosynthesis. Our vision for cultivation is two fold:

1 – Grow the highest quality cannabis 2 – Have the lowest environmental impact

Although the USDA doesn’t acknowledge cannabis as a plant – preventing organic certification – our team of highly trained plant scientists carefully follow the same organic thresholds put in place for the agriculture industry. Less is more, and it just tastes better.

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Tenet No 4


After harvest, we hang dry our cannabis for five to seven days and then hand manicure away exterior leaves before slow curing to finish. During the cure, moisture from the stem and inner flowers slowly even out, reducing chlorophyll and creating a balanced, smooth finish. Once the cannabis is ready, we screen for microbial contamination and test cannabinoid profiles for terpenes and potency. Every flower has a slightly unique makeup so we provide testing results based on historical averages.

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Tenet No 5


Our commitment to integrity and longevity are the precursor to our fair-trade mantra. Whether it’s a child with Dravet syndrome or a city councilman developing legislation, a long-time retail partner or a Solstice farmer, the cannabis industry is small and close-knit. We are selective with who we work with in an effort to promote a transparent and thoughtful community. It is our belief that developing lasting relationships will strengthen our cause and provide a sustainable foundation for years to come.

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Tenet No 6


The normalization of cannabis has been many years in the making. When we started Solstice in 2011, the medical cannabis industry was rife with questionable practices. We championed strict compliance, created self-imposed standards, and worked with lawmakers to develop regulations. Our goal has been to participate and educate, so that informed decisions can be made. No longer is there a debate over the medical application of cannabis. Today we usher in a new area of legislation, a voter led response to the failed war on cannabis. It's our mission to get it right - to build a sustainable industry by putting responsibility before opportunity, and choosing people over profits.

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