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Major Beer Companies are Feeling The Impact of Cannabis Legalization

Jeff Sessions Removes the Cole Memo

     This past Thursday, January 4th Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded a stack of memos from the Obama Administration that offered cannabis-friendly states a policy of non-interference from the Federal Government. This move changes federal cannabis policy from a hands-off approach adopted under former Attorney General James M. Cole to allowing federal prosecutors all over the country to decide how to prioritize resources to crack down on cannabis possession, distribution, and cultivation even in states where it has been voted legal. 

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Times They Are a Changing

Change is the only constant in the world of cannabis. For Washington State, it’s been a winding – at times nerve racking – adventure. When Will and I set out to bring legitimacy and transparency to cannabis production with Solstice just about four years ago, we both felt that change for our country was long overdue. Looking back, neither of us ever imagined our state would move as quickly as it has.

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The High Cost of Prohibition

It’s been a year since Washington voted to legalize recreational marijuana, and since that time, the nascent pot industry has had an electrifying effect on the collective ‘financial imagination’ of the US. Despite supply shortages and legal roadblocks, enterprising Washington State ganga-preneurs are expected to add $25 million to the state’s coffers by mid-2015.

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Not Your Mama's Job Fair

As legal pot booms in Washington State, the 420-friendly step out for a canna-business job fair – and reveal a diverse and growing population.

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Solstice on NBC Nightly News

Joe Fryer of NBC News stopped by Solstice headquarters in Seattle on Monday, July 7, 2014. NBC News reported on the opening day of selling adult-use recreational cannabis in Washington state. 

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Solstice Talks Legalization to The Guardian

Solstice founders Alex Cooley and Will Denman recently wrote an article that was published by world-renowned British publication The Guardian, “the world’s leading liberal voice.” The article, which appears on, reports on the first day of selling recreational cannabis in Seattle and Washington state. Cooley and Denman also detailed their experience with Washington’s Initiative 502, along with being an early cannabis startup and medical marijuana producer.

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Former Supreme Court Judge Advocates Legalization

At the ripe young age of 94, retired Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens is making national news by announcing that the U.S. federal government should legalize cannabis. 

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In light of the forthcoming I-502 system in Washington state, stopped in to discuss some of the issues Solstice has faced with banking, the ramifications it has had on business, and the more broad impact these ramifications may have on legitimizing the leaders of the cannabis industry.

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Ross Reynolds with the Conversation

KUOW Seattle’s Ross Reynolds stopped by to tour the Solstice cannabis production facility in Seattle, meet Shurman the dog, and discuss all things cannabis with the owners of the first-ever fully permitted cannabis production facility in Washington state!

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Spreading Holiday Cheer

We’ve worked over the past several years to develop two varieties of cannabis that are high in CBD and extremely low in THC for specific medical application. For the holidays, we worked with several access points to give away Sour Tsunami #3 and The Remedy to patients in need.

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Solstice in Seattle Weekly

A popular Seattle publication, Seattle Weekly, takes a look inside Solstice and cannabis production in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Cannabis entrepreneurship and production facilities are obviously hot topics across regional and national media, as Washington and Colorado take the lead in growing legalized cannabis.

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