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Major Beer Companies are Feeling The Impact of Cannabis Legalization

"The First Cannabis Overdose" More Information Released

In the August edition of the journal Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine there is a controversial case study on the seizure and death of an 11 month old boy in Colorado. This report has prompted recent headlines across the world reading "The First Marijuana Overdose Death." The issue is that is not what the doctors meant, thanks media.

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The Science of Studying Cannabis

As part of our series on sustainability, Solstice invited our resident science expert, Dr. David Baldwin, to discuss a viable scientific approach to studying cannabis, and why so little research has been done to date.

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Science of Cannabis: Cannabidiol (CBD)

The emerging science of cannabidiol (CBD): an argument for keeping medical marijuana laws independent of recreational marijuana laws.

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Active compounds found within the cannabis plant are collectively referred to as cannabinoids. In recent years, the discovery of cannabinoid receptors CB1, most predominantly found in the brain, and CB2, most predominantly found within the immune system cells, have provided a catalyst to investigate therapeutic effects that have long been believed to reside within the cannabis plant.

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Cannabinoids are the classification of natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. To date, there are sixty-six different types of cannabinoids.

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