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Thought Leaders

Solstice - Why We Celebrate

     Winter Solstice is the day with the fewest hours of sunlight out of the year, alternatively Summer Solstice has the most hours of sunlight. Twice annually, we celebrate these natural phenomena signifying the astronomical change in seasons...

DID YOU KNOW? Solstice is named in homage to all of us dedicated to changing world views away from the reefer-madness of marijuana toward a positive global cannabis movement.

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Talkin’ bout a Revolution: An Interview with Dave Rheins of the MJBA

Dave Rheins speaks in bites and headlines – evocative fragments that call up thick slices of American pop, mainstream, and counter-culture. It’s a neat trick, one perfected over 25+ years in media, advertising sales, and marketing for the likes of Rolling Stone, SPIN, iVillage, Corbis, Time Warner and America Online.

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Holy Smokes: An Interview with Cannabis Historian Chris Bennet

What could Moses, Shiva, and the Great Leap Forward all have in common?

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Professor Hash: Empowering Personal Growers

Inspired lives tend to have a fulcrum, a central truth around which everything else revolves. For DJ Chamberlain, or “Professor Hash,” founder of The High Altitude School of Hydroponics (H.A.S.H.) in Loveland, CO, that truth was the 1969 lunar landing.

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