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Founders' Blog

Shurman - The Story Behind the Strain

Shurman Holden (Sure-man, I’m holdin’) was first a pen name for Alex, writing grow articles for Dope Magazine in the early days of medical cannabis. Around the time he and Will started Solstice, a puppy came wondering into the family and brought the name to life. For the next few years, as the industry ebbed and flowed, Shurman was a steady presence and the positive vibe technican around the Solstice office.

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Times They Are a Changing

Change is the only constant in the world of cannabis. For Washington State, it’s been a winding – at times nerve racking – adventure. When Will and I set out to bring legitimacy and transparency to cannabis production with Solstice just about four years ago, we both felt that change for our country was long overdue. Looking back, neither of us ever imagined our state would move as quickly as it has.

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An End to Medical Marijuana for Washington State?

The movement to re-legitimize cannabis to it’s pre-prohibition state has always been a ground up affair. In the late 70’s, when Robert Randall challenged the federal government’s stance on marijuana, citing medical necessity–a legal basis that allows citizens to break federal law when the harm of following it outweighs the alternative–he became the Rosa Parks of the modern medical marijuana movement.

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Washington State Recreational Cannabis: What's the Hold Up?

What a week for cannabis! On Tuesday the people of Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. made their voices heard and chose to take a new approach to regulating marijuana. All across the country we are witnessing sweeping pro-cannabis sentiment, and conscious push-back on decades of stigma and fear – the making of history.

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Keeping the Planet in Your Bottom Line

Growing “greener” cannabis has been making the news. Or rather, the cannabis industry’s habit of scaling up largely unsustainable grow methods in big cannabis production facilities is on the national radar.

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More Than a Feeling: Cannabis Goes Beyond the "Cure"

Growing up, my first love was athletics—baseball, to be specific. I found my way onto some quality teams through my high motor, which far exceeded any natural talent. At 15, I was covering second base during a double play; I caught the ball, pivoted to throw it to first, and a player sliding into second plowed directly into my left knee. I heard a sickening pop—what I would later learn was the sound of ligaments being ripped away from bone. ...

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Alex Cooley Talks Hempfest

Solstice Vice President Alex Cooley has had several lives in cannabis– as a patient, advocate, consultant, access-point owner, and large-scale grower– and he has brought each of these incarnations to Hempfest. Here Cooley riffs on this year’s theme, “Time, Place and Manner,” his newest role as guest speaker, and how he thinks the Seattle Hempfest festival needs to evolve to serve the changing face of cannabis.

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Sustainability in Canna-Business

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry can make timely communication with our community a bit of a challenge. When Solstice co-founder Alex Cooley or I have a rare moment to stop and reflect, it seems new information is available and the conversation has shifted.

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