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Shurman - The Story Behind the Strain

Shurman Video:

     In 2017, Solstice won their 7th Dope Cup. The winning strain was bred in memory of Co-founder Alex Cooley’s late dog Shurman. This is that story.

     Shurman Holden (Sure-man, I’m holdin’) was first a pen name for Alex, writing grow articles for Dope Magazine in the early days of medical cannabis. Around the time he and Will started Solstice, a puppy came wondering into the family and brought the name to life. For the next few years, as the industry ebbed and flowed, Shurman was a steady presence and the positive vibe technican around the Solstice office.

     Following Shurman’s untimely death in 2015, the Solstice crew decided to cross two cup winners (Solstice’s own Blueberry Cheesecake x The White) in persuit of a new variety that would best represent our late pal. As we hunted, most of the phenos were THC rich and varied in between floral, fruity flavor and more musky, OG – but in the end one stood out. The nose was more citrusy, grew like a champion, and mysteriously had a heavy presence of CBD. Shurman was a laid back pup, who always brought an ease the room so it was almost as if he had stopped back by to say hello.

     Shurman the flower has since become the most decorated Solstice variety, winning four different awards in 2017 and cementing it’s place as a staple in the Solstice library. What’s more, it’s a strain that allows us to pay to continue paying homage to our old friend. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Cheers to Shurman!