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The World of Cannabis

Jeff Sessions Removes the Cole Memo

     This past Thursday, January 4th Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded a stack of memos from the Obama Administration that offered cannabis-friendly states a policy of non-interference from the Federal Government. This move changes federal cannabis policy from a hands-off approach adopted under former Attorney General James M. Cole to allowing federal prosecutors all over the country to decide how to prioritize resources to crack down on cannabis possession, distribution, and cultivation even in states where it has been voted legal. 

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Holiday Events, On a Higher Level

     The Holidays are fast approaching with Winter Solstice the 21st, Hanukkah the 12th-20th, Christmas the 25th, Kwanzaa the 26th-1st, and the New Year to follow. This means taking the time to celebrate, to reflect, to visit family, and to get out and experience the festivities all around Seattle. This Holiday Season Solstice would like to recommend some events around town that are sure to bring the cheer.

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Solstice - Why We Celebrate

     Winter Solstice is the day with the fewest hours of sunlight out of the year, alternatively Summer Solstice has the most hours of sunlight. Twice annually, we celebrate these natural phenomena signifying the astronomical change in seasons...

DID YOU KNOW? Solstice is named in homage to all of us dedicated to changing world views away from the reefer-madness of marijuana toward a positive global cannabis movement.

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What's Old is New: 3 Traditional Cannabis Cures That Still Work

To make the case for cannabis as a medicine, most advocates refer to the herb’s ancient past as a healing substance. But in established Western medical practice, the glory age of cannabis as medicine was relatively short – a 60-year period that spanned the Penny Dreadful era of 19th century England – and kicked off by none other than Dr. O’Shaughnessy.

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The Cannabis Cleanse: 10 Tips for a New Year's Detox

Following the freight-train of festivities that make up the holiday season, and until the last hour when we tip ecstatically into the New Year, it’s easy to feel like our bodies are literally made of gingerbread, champagne, and smoke.

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Solstice: The Light and Dark of the Holiday Season

The day after Thanksgiving, it begins to creep in. A wreath appears on your neighbor’s front door, the naked trees on your block suddenly wink with lights, your local coffee shop starts studding the latte foam with shattered peppermint, and at the drug store you hear Bing Crosby parumpa-pum-pum-ing in a creamy baritone about a little drummer boy.

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‘Tis the Season: Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Hemp Bark and Savory Pot-Leaf Pesto

Cannabis foodie and blogger Pam of “Twice Baked In Washington” gives us two recipes for some serious holiday yum.

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Don't Go to the Cannabis Counter Without Me: 8 Tips for the Discerning Consumer

What to ask, what to pay, what to look for, and what to avoid when it comes to buying premium flower.

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Dollars and Sense: Seattle's Marijuana ‘n Money Symposium

There can be no doubt that the nascent marijuana industry has had an electrifying effect on the country: many have pulled up stakes to live cannabis-friendly states, dropped their cash into start-up pot ventures, and pushed through the minutiae of restrictive state laws, hoping that – once though the legal morass – they might be beneficiaries of the economic boon heralded by Colorado and Washington.

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Pizza, Sex and a Hike: A man's weekend guide to cannabis

It’s Friday. You’ve been slaving away all week. The boss just gave you the all-clear. So what’s the plan this weekend? Never fear, lads. Solstice has got you covered.

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Hempfest 2014: A Newbie's Guided Tour

As a relative newcomer to all things cannabis, it was hard to know what to expect when walking into Seattle Hempfest; the event is part rally, part symposium and part street-fair that all comes together into a three-day celebration of a single plant with myriad uses.

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A Sustainable Boom? The Future of Seattle's Canna-Preneurs

It’s been just over three weeks since the first legal cannabis shops opened in Washington and already it feels like the initial high is starting to wear off. The long lines, media storms and general hysteria that will likely be discussed in history books are quieting down. In the aftermath, producers, processors, retailers and legislators are now tasked with the hard stuff – working out the kinks to find a way to make cannabis just as viable as any other commodity.

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