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The World of Cannabis

Summer Jams at Fremont Solstice Fair

Now in its 43rd year of existence, the annual Fremont Solstice Fair has always served dual creative and constructive functions within its quintessentially quirky, Lenin-loving neighborhood. Willfully scheduled to coincide with the summer’s longest stretch of sunlight, the Solstice Fair itself is a benefit for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and a simultaneous celebration of the ‘hood’s socially conscious vibe, inherently mischievous aesthetic, and ribald sense of humor.

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Gluten-Free Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cooking with cannabis is easy once it is infused into butter. Cannabis butter can be used to make cookies, muffins, or even spread on toast. Since making cannabis butter is a time-consuming process, it’s best to do it at least the day before any baking is planned. It’s also important to note that the resulting cannabis butter should be kept safely away from children in the same manner as alcohol or prescription medications.

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