Cannabis can be enjoyed in many forms, but the most classic is likely the pre-rolled joint. We first decided we wanted to offer consumers a pack of pre-rolled cannabis joints in the summer of 2013, but it took until July of 2014 to launch. That’s because we took our time, and thought about each aspect of the product.

It starts with the source—often dispensaries will take shake and loose leaf that ends up in the bottom of jars and roll it up into pre-rolls. This makes for a convenient product, but low quality. The flower is the only part of the cannabis plant that you would roll up yourself, so it’s the only part we use in our pre-rolls.

Beyond the Solstice Grown™ source, we took a long look at the paper type and size. We landed on natural papers because of their softer taste, and a longer crutch for easiest use.

The last part was putting it all together, and providing it at an affordable price. That means limiting the number per container and amount of cannabis per pre-roll. Each pack contains six pre-roll cannabis joints that are ½ gram in weight.

It’s a ready-use, on the go option that is perfect for travel, or your daily adventure, but it’s just the beginning. Your feedback is valuable as we continue to refine the process and perfect the delivery. For now it’s the first of it’s kind, our aim is for it to be the best of it’s kind.