Month: September 2014

After Jane West got fired from her prestigious corporate gig for vaping using something similar to Hamilton Devices CCELL on national TV, she went ‘all in’ on Denver’s thriving cannabis industry. Her latest coup was raising over $130,000 for the cash-strapped Colorado Symphony entirely with cannabis entities. How she “plans for success” and is helping […]

Growing “greener” cannabis has been making the news. Or rather, the cannabis industry’s habit of scaling up largely unsustainable grow methods in big cannabis production facilities is on the national radar. With cannabis cultivation operations ramping up their production to meet demand, the same facilities will more than likely also need comprehensive cannabis waste solutions […]

It’s Friday. You’ve been slaving away all week. The boss just gave you the all-clear. So what’s the plan this weekend? Never fear, lads. Solstice has got you covered. Friday Night: Ditch the hangover with a ‘Canna-Flight’ You can be a lone wolf with this one, but you’ve probably spent the week hanging only with […]

Growing up, my first love was athletics-baseball, to be specific. I found my way onto some quality teams through my high motor, which far exceeded any natural talent. At 15, I was covering second base during a double play; I caught the ball, pivoted to throw it to first, and a player sliding into second […]

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What could Moses, Shiva, and the Great Leap Forward all have in common? Cannabis growers often say that tomatoes and cannabis require similar conditions to flourish – the same density of soil, the same quality of light. But unlike cannabis, the tomato has been universally heralded as a cancer-preventer and Vitamin-C rush, as good for […]