Month: November 2014

There can be no doubt that the nascent marijuana industry has had an electrifying effect on the country: many have pulled up stakes to live cannabis-friendly states, dropped their cash into start-up pot ventures, and pushed through the minutiae of restrictive state laws, hoping that – once though the legal morass – they might be […]

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For aspiring ganga-preneurs, accountability is key. The modern day entrepreneur is often called upon to be a ‘charismatic’ – someone with a message, both bold and serene, who beams self-belief and gives a good brand image. Someone able to negotiate the tightest business deals and take the business to the next level. But turning one’s […]

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Washington State has spent $300 million for marijuana arrests. Solstice prepares your ‘high’ crimes financial cheat sheet. Additionally, It is well known how profitable a cannabis dispensary can be. A profitable dispensary should be music to the ears of the IRS as they look to increase revenues generated by taxes. It’s been a year since […]

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What a week for cannabis! On Tuesday the people of Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. made their voices heard and chose to take a new approach to regulating marijuana. All across the country we are witnessing sweeping pro-cannabis sentiment, and conscious push-back on decades of stigma and fear – the making of history. Many states […]