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What does it take for large-scale cannabis growers to go totally organic? For Solstice, going “100% Organic” meant nine months of research, trial and error, honest sweat, and a deeper commitment to sustainability. Going organic all began with research into equipment that could aid with cultivation, from trimmers (which you can check out by reading […]

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The Emerging Science of Cannabidiol (CBD): An Argument for Keeping Medical Marijuana Laws Independent of Recreational Marijuana Laws Strain-specific properties of cannabis have been observed for centuries. Plants that are grown for hemp-related uses are not useful for recreational purposes, since they are deliberately selected for fiber quality and low concentrations of the psychoactive molecule, […]

Joe Fryer of NBC News stopped by Solstice headquarters in Seattle on Monday, July 7, 2014. NBC News reported on the opening day of selling adult-use recreational cannabis in Washington state. Fryer talked to Solstice founder Alex Cooley about the rollout of legal cannabis, Solstice’s mindful approach to retail cannabis production, and why some of […]

Solstice founders Alex Cooley and Will Denman recently wrote an article that was published by world-renowned British publication The Guardian, “the world’s leading liberal voice.” The article, which appears on, reports on the first day of selling recreational cannabis in Seattle and Washington state. Cooley and Denman also detailed their experience with Washington’s Initiative […]

Now in its 43rd year of existence, the annual Fremont Solstice Fair has always served dual creative and constructive functions within its quintessentially quirky, Lenin-loving neighborhood. Willfully scheduled to coincide with the summer’s longest stretch of sunlight, the Solstice Fair itself is a benefit for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and a simultaneous celebration of […]

Cooking with cannabis is easy once it is infused into butter. Cannabis butter can be used to make cookies, muffins, or even spread on toast. You will find a cannabis butter recipe at the bottom of this page*. Since making cannabis butter is a time-consuming process, it’s best to do it at least the day […]

At the ripe young age of 94, retired Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens is making national news by announcing that the U.S. federal government should legalize cannabis. In his new book Six Amendments, Stevens proposes six controversial changes to the U.S. Constitution that need to happen. Read more about this newsworthy advocate in […]

In light of the forthcoming I-502 system in Washington state, stopped in to discuss some of the issues Solstice has faced with banking, the ramifications it has had on business, and the more broad impact these ramifications may have on legitimizing the leaders of the cannabis industry.

KUOW Seattle’s Ross Reynolds stopped by to tour the Solstice cannabis production facility in Seattle, meet Shurman the dog, and discuss all things cannabis with the owners of the first-ever fully permitted cannabis production facility in Washington state!

We’ve worked over the past several years to develop two varieties of cannabis that are high in CBD and extremely low in THC for specific medical application. For the holidays, we worked with several access points to give away Sour Tsunami #3 and The Remedy to patients in need. The research and application of medical […]

Active compounds found within the cannabis plant are collectively referred to as cannabinoids. In recent years, the discovery of cannabinoid receptors CB1, most predominantly found in the brain, and CB2, most predominantly found within the immune system cells, have provided a catalyst to investigate therapeutic effects that have long been believed to reside within the […]

A popular Seattle publication, Seattle Weekly, takes a look inside Solstice and cannabis production in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Cannabis entrepreneurship and production facilities are obviously hot topics across regional and national media, as Washington and Colorado take the lead in growing legalized cannabis.

Seattle’s KING 5 News stopped by Solstice tonight for an early look at Washington state’s first-ever fully permitted cannabis grow facility in Seattle. Like many people, around the globe, KING 5 News is interested in the high level of professionalism that Solstice brings to legalized cannabis in Washington.

Solstice is proud to showcase this Leafly article about professionalism in “cannabusiness” (which is a great name for the burgeoning cannabis industry). The article cites a Hempfest Hemposium panel featuring our very own Solstice co-founder and Vice President Alex Cooley. Panel topics include trademarking, holding companies, and banking. Leafly is an excellent resource for cannabis […]

Cannabinoids are the classification of natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. To date, there are sixty-six different types of cannabinoids, organized by the following subcategories: Cannabigerols (CBG) Cannabichromenes (CBC) Cannabidiols (CBD) Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) Cannabinol (CBN) Cannabidiol (CBDL) Of the major cannabinoid categories, THC is far and away the most commonly known and studied. THC […]

KIRO 7’s Graham Johnson stopped by today for a tour of Washington’s first-ever fully permitted cannabis production facility! Johnson and KIRO, like many people around the world, wanted an early look at the future of cannabis growing in Seattle.

Murky legal waters have long prevented open and transparent access to medical cannabis, or cannabis in general. Our mission is to change that, and although there is implicit danger in speaking up, we feel it is our responsibility to do so. Here’s the first story written about Solstice and Alex Cooley by Seattle Times reporter […]