Since we started cultivating cannabis, quality genetics has been a primary focus. Early on at Solstice, we provided starter plants for patients to cultivate their own cannabis, and strived to offer a wide variety. This allowed us to get feedback across a large spectrum of cannabis varieties and continue to refine our offering.

In 2012 we offered twenty-five different varieties. Although choice is great, spreading our focus across many varieties took away from our ability to hone in cultivation techniques and diluted our end product. We shifted to focus, and by way of hundreds of varieties over the course of three years we landed on our current eight cannabis varieties.

Our goal is to offer a complex spectrum of indica/sativa, CBD/THC, fruity/diesel, and land race/hybrid. Categorizing cannabis is a complex discussion, and one we continue to engage. We also continue to search for new and exciting varieties from around the globe, and through our own breeding programs. Look for limited releases as we test and tinker, and count on the highest quality, most diverse offering.

Beyond genetics, we believe in sustainable cultivation methods. That means all of our cannabis is 100% organically grown and that we evaluate even organic nutrients for its sustainability. It also means that we are huge proponents of limiting our carbon footprint. Currently Solstice Grown cannabis is grown indoors at our flagship facility in Seattle, WA, but we recently broke ground on the Solstice Farm and are anxious to begin moving towards greenhouse cultivation and solar energy.

In the meantime, enjoy our current varieties and know that our thirst to improve is never quenched.