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One night in 1839 at the College Hospital of Calcutta, India, a young Irish doctor, William O’Shaughnessy, carefully administered “two grains [of cannabis] dissolved in a little spirit” to a patient suffering from tetanus. 5 days previous the patient had sought help from a folk healer to cure his dysentery. The healer applied some still-burning […]

Following the freight-train of festivities that make up the holiday season, and until the last hour when we tip ecstatically into the New Year, it’s easy to feel like our bodies are literally made of gingerbread, champagne, and smoke. If you’ve enjoyed a blazing holiday season and want to hit the ‘refresh’ button on your […]

The day after Thanksgiving, it begins to creep in. A wreath appears on your neighbor’s front door, the naked trees on your block suddenly wink with lights, your local coffee shop starts studding the latte foam with shattered peppermint, and at the drug store you hear Bing Crosby parumpa-pum-pum-ing in a creamy baritone about a […]

Cannabis foodie and blogger Pam of “Twice Baked In Washington” gives us two recipes for some serious holiday yum. Diagnosed with scoliosis as a kid, Pam, a personal trainer and health coach, discovered in 2011 that pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory meds and exercise were no longer effective in treating her pain. She tried to […]

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What to ask, what to pay, what to look for, and what to avoid when it comes to buying premium flower. You need to make sure that you have the ability to have an understanding fair pricing for cannabis as most recreational marijuana stores now offer a Wonka-like wonderland of gourmet edibles, medicated topicals, ultra-potent […]

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There can be no doubt that the nascent marijuana industry has had an electrifying effect on the country: many have pulled up stakes to live cannabis-friendly states, dropped their cash into start-up pot ventures, and pushed through the minutiae of restrictive state laws, hoping that – once though the legal morass – they might be […]

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It’s Friday. You’ve been slaving away all week. The boss just gave you the all-clear. So what’s the plan this weekend? Never fear, lads. Solstice has got you covered. Friday Night: Ditch the hangover with a ‘Canna-Flight’ You can be a lone wolf with this one, but you’ve probably spent the week hanging only with […]

As a relative newcomer to all things cannabis, it was hard to know what to expect when walking into Seattle Hempfest; the event is part rally, part symposium and part street-fair that all comes together into a three-day celebration of a single plant with myriad uses. Though in its 23rd year, the gathering seemed heavily […]

It’s been just over three weeks since the first legal cannabis shops opened in Washington and already it feels like the initial high is starting to wear off. The long lines, media storms and general hysteria that will likely be discussed in history books are quieting down. In the aftermath, producers, processors, retailers and legislators […]

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Now in its 43rd year of existence, the annual Fremont Solstice Fair has always served dual creative and constructive functions within its quintessentially quirky, Lenin-loving neighborhood. Willfully scheduled to coincide with the summer’s longest stretch of sunlight, the Solstice Fair itself is a benefit for the Fremont Chamber of Commerce and a simultaneous celebration of […]

Cooking with cannabis is easy once it is infused into butter. Cannabis butter can be used to make cookies, muffins, or even spread on toast. You will find a cannabis butter recipe at the bottom of this page*. Since making cannabis butter is a time-consuming process, it’s best to do it at least the day […]