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Molson Coors Brewing Co. is voicing concerns over the potential impact that national cannabis legalization will have on their beer sales in their latest 13F filing. To be honest, cannabis is becoming more popular these days due to all the different forms that have been produced such as CBD oils (from Yours Nutrition), brownies, and […]

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Dave Rheins speaks in bites and headlines – evocative fragments that call up thick slices of American pop, mainstream, and counter-culture. It’s a neat trick, one perfected over 25+ years in media, advertising sales, and marketing for the likes of Rolling Stone, SPIN, iVillage, Corbis, Time Warner and America Online. Most recently, he is founder […]

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What could Moses, Shiva, and the Great Leap Forward all have in common? Cannabis growers often say that tomatoes and cannabis require similar conditions to flourish – the same density of soil, the same quality of light. But unlike cannabis, the tomato has been universally heralded as a cancer-preventer and Vitamin-C rush, as good for […]

Inspired lives tend to have a fulcrum, a central truth around which everything else revolves. For DJ Chamberlain, or “Professor Hash,” founder of The High Altitude School of Hydroponics (H.A.S.H.) in Loveland, CO, that truth was the 1969 lunar landing. “I’m part of the post-space generation,” he says. “For me, space was always a reality.” […]

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