No retail store is complete until there are a few Solstice products on the shelf. Beloved by cannabis connoisseurs everywhere, Solstice products have a reputation for exceptional quality at a great value. As a Solstice retail partner, you get access to a variety of our marketing and promotional assets to help increase customer awareness and in-store sales. We also offer a product collaboration program to provide you with a custom-branded pre-roll pack unique to your store, filled with your chosen blend of our flavorful flower.

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Solstice makes it easy for farmers to focus on what they do best – growing cannabis. As a Solstice Partner Farm, you get access to our award-winning genetics, advanced grow technologies, and our harvesting and distribution services. Working together, Solstice saves farmers a significant amount of cost and hassle, while helping to increase yield and net profits.

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Here at Solstice, we believe collaboration and teamwork are paramount to achieving success. If you have an idea or a desire to work together, drop us a line! We are always open to a discussion in the aim of finding common ground and working toward shared goals.

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