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The movement to re-legitimize cannabis to it’s pre-prohibition state has always been a ground up affair. In the late 70’s, when Robert Randall challenged the federal government’s stance on marijuana, citing medical necessity–a legal basis that allows citizens to break federal law when the harm of following it outweighs the alternative–he became the Rosa Parks […]

At the ripe young age of 94, retired Supreme Court Associate Justice John Paul Stevens is making national news by announcing that the U.S. federal government should legalize cannabis. In his new book Six Amendments, Stevens proposes six controversial changes to the U.S. Constitution that need to happen. Read more about this newsworthy advocate in […]

In light of the forthcoming I-502 system in Washington state, Salon.com stopped in to discuss some of the issues Solstice has faced with banking, the ramifications it has had on business, and the more broad impact these ramifications may have on legitimizing the leaders of the cannabis industry.